IMEX Launches Industry Research Report Sponsored by Marriott International

THE REGENERATIVE REVOLUTION, A new paradigm for event management

If you attended the PlanetIMEX Virtual Experience in October, you may have noticed that IMEX launched a new industry research report –THE REGENERATIVE REVOLUTION, A new paradigm for event management. Marriott International is the exclusive sponsor of this research and we were so pleased to collaborate with IMEX on a topic that is so important to us: nature and sustainability. In fact, many of our customers participated in the IMEX survey that ultimately helped shape the content of this important research.

And although the industry has significantly changed over the past few months, the findings are especially relevant today. In fact, the current state of the world makes the business case for action more urgent than ever. Using case studies, survey data and insights from customers like yourselves, this thoughtfully designed report shows how the circular economy can help rebuild a resilient and regenerative global events industry.

We encourage you to download the Regenerative Revolution report to understand the opportunity that lies be fore us and gain insights into some powerful next steps.