Wait... Don’t eat yet! Let me snap a picture!

Whether you’re a foodie or simply passionate about photography, The Westin Grande Sukhumvit was able to turn these passion points into a clever team building activity. Without leaving the grounds, the hotel team had attendees roaring with laughter, giving toasts, and indulging in chef’s specialties with a fun day of bonding. There was a buzz around the hotel, and guests were privileged to a buffet. Team leaders capitalized on the excitement with a social media competition, where guests were challenged to take creative photographs of their food. Read on to discover some fresh inspirational tips on how you can plan a similar event.

Get Creative With It

The popularity of social media has encouraged everyone to try their hand at photography, so combining this with people’s love of food is a recipe for success. The team at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit organized participants into teams and asked them to take photographs of their food. This got the participants’ creative juices flowing and allowed them to express themselves with artistic flair. By giving each group a shared goal of creating great food photography, you can give event participants an opportunity to practice innovating as a group and using teamwork to solve challenges.  

Let’s Engage and Mingle

To create an effective team-building event, you must appeal to the nature of your audience. Educating your team is a great way to improve engagement and motivation while aligning staff objectives with your team building goals. Attendees were treated to a two-hour workshop presented by two professional photographers, where they learned skills they would later apply in tantalizing fashion. In the first part of the workshop, participants were guided through some of the technical aspects of photography, learning how to use the rules of composition. Guests were later given a chance to practice what they’d learned on a tasty selection of fresh seafood, delightful desserts, and succulent roasts from the Seasonal Tastes lunch buffet. Participants gained a fresh understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and interests, enabling them to work better as a team. An event that’s centered on learning encourages collaboration, where employees can develop communications skills for establishing interpersonal relationships.  

Elevate Your Atmosphere

A premium location creates a great first impression. At the photography workshop, attendees met at the hotel but were soon swooped off to Altitude, a luxury rooftop location with an indoor function room, elegant breakout area, and outdoor terrace. You could feel the excitement in the room, and guests’ expectations were exceeded by the time they returned to the hotel. By going that extra mile, you’ll establish a foundation you can build upon with subsequent activities. When your guests are impressed, they’ll automatically be more responsive.