What better ways to unwind and de-stress after a long day of meetings and work than to indulge in unique dining experiences?

Mixing business with pleasure is now the go-to way for event planners. What better ways to unwind and de-stress after a long day of meetings and work than to indulge in unique dining experiences? With the right elements, catering planners can create a getaway-like event packed with stimulating senses that leave guests reminiscing.


Outdoor events continue to gain popularity among corporates. By taking your catering event to the open air, guests can relish the joy of eating outside while devouring delectable view the venue has to offer. Rooftops, beaches, poolside, gardens, parking lots, and patios are just a few feasible spaces where your guests can connect and enjoy themselves in a less constricting setting.

A location like The Lounge at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa that overlooks the lush green lawns and ocean is suitable for events looking for a more sophisticated ambiance.  An evening aperitif in the outdoors before a sit-down meal enables natural conversations and networking.  

Open-air venues may present some constraints with a few walls and ceiling lacking compared to conventional indoor venues. However, outdoor spaces often offer more flexibility and freedom; this is a good time to experiment on concepts which are inconceivable in indoor venues.   

Weather conditions can be any event planner’s nightmare, choosing venues with partially covered areas will be a blessing under the scorching sun or on rainy days. Check out how Jala Restaurant at The Andaman Resort Langkawi seamlessly brought the outdoor into their dining space where guests can enjoy a wide selection of seafood while dipping their toes in the sand-filled floor.


If food is heaven, then a live kitchen would be the staircase to heaven. There’s nothing like the anticipation of watching your food cook; it adds visual and olfactory components to your event, permeating senses with bursting scents and sounds that make your mouths water. 

Live stations at buffets aren’t something new, but having the flexibility to customize and made to order can truly engage your guests in the experience, a trend that is not going anywhere soon in the event industry. 

The lively and buzzing energy of open kitchen is a great addition to events, but grander events may find a place like the Great Ballroom at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre much more fitting. Featuring three walk-in show kitchens that can be partitioned or concealed, you can easily maneuver and transform the venue without jeopardizing that elegant and exquisite ambiance you’re looking for.


Best way to understand a country? Food! Get inspired by regional flavors, traditional or reinvented, that are slowly catching on in the global food scene. Turn this into an opportunity to educate and introduce guests to different cultures and history!

Make it trendy! Poke bowl, omakase, superfoods, meat-free foods, food pairing, infusion, hand-crafted beverages, be-spoking are massive trends in the culinary world in recent years. Design a chic and dynamic experience for your guests by incorporating these trends into your next event.   

Curated menus that resonate with your theme can add a nice touch of cohesiveness. With sustainable practices gaining more focus in the business world, sustainable seafood, fair trade or ethically sourced ingredients, low carbon footprint, or farm-to-table menus are just a few ideas your event can contribute to the environment.


Replace floral arrangements with edible décor such as herbs and colorful vegetable that pleases the eyes and fills each breath with refreshing aroma at the same time.  They could also be lifesavers for guests with pollen allergies too! Need inspiration? Bring your guests to Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa's herb garden for an aromatic and refreshing dining experience.    

Planners looking for sustainable practices, eco-friendly tableware may answer to your needs. In a celebration of Internation Coffee Day, guests at Le Méridien Cairo Airport enjoyed their espressos served in a cookie cup.  

With booming innovations in edible tableware, planners can now serve food in creative edible tableware: bowls made of wheat, plates made of shrimp crackers, pasta straws or cups made of seaweed. Don’t bet on it to be on your guests’ favorite-dish-of-the-night list, but these biodegradable alternatives can surely contribute to a greener event.


While it is easy bringing the globe to your plate, nothing tops immersing in sensational authentic culinary experiences and cultures right where they are originated from. Consider taking your event out of town for a genuine getaway. While you’re there, soak in authentic culinary cultures with cooking demonstrations that utilize indigenous ingredients or food art that showcase unique traditions.