An Ever-Changing Lineup of Inspired Contemporary Art

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Autograph Collection

The Cosmopolitan is committed to presenting fresh, innovative, and provocative art that satisfies the cultural sensibilities of its sophisticated guests. Our wide-ranging program features installations and immersive experiences throughout the resort intended to be interactive and accessible, while fostering a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of art.

To build the most meaningful collection imaginable, The Cosmopolitan collaborates with several organizations that share our perspective on art and agree that it should not be an intimidating or esoteric domain only appreciated by experts and scholars. We assemble, and will continue to assemble, like-minded, best-of-breed partners that will help us serve as a catalyst for creativity and culture and inspire interest in art and music.

Hundreds of contemporary art works by both established and emerging artists from all over the world can be found throughout The Cosmopolitan. Designed to inspire discovery, the collection includes large-scale paintings, photography, mixed media works, sculptures, murals and more. Artists featured include Maya Hayuk, Marilyn Minter, Rosemarie Fiore, Alex Da Corte, Jonathan Borofsky, Nicola Lopez, Siobham Liddell, Sylvia Hommert and many others.