Puppy Happy Hour (Bark Breaks)

Sheraton Grand Chicago

A typical meeting break may provide overloaded attendees an opportunity to check emails, return calls, and run to the restroom, but instead of refueling attendees on caffeine and sugar, the Sheraton Grand Chicago reenergizes attendees through play therapy.

“We want to help attendees put their best paw forward when they go back to their meetings, so we’ve introduced Bark Breaks as a way to give them some furry fun between sessions while giving back to the local community at the same time.” 

The hotel works with local shelters to bring rescue puppies for a play session at the hotel. The break is complete with a puppy playpen and themed food and beverage. The puppy breaks reduce stress, promote well-being, and reinvigorate fatigued attendees. Part of the proceeds from the break are donated back to the shelter, so attendees can be sure the puppies will all find good homes.